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Sing in Harmony Advanced (Spring 2020) T

Are you a singer who loves to harmonize and is ready to take your skills to the next level? This class is an opportunity to create and workshop harmonies in an individualized and creative setting. We will focus on ways to develop your own original harmony parts as well as how to learn existing vocal harmony from recordings that you love.  Apply below!

What’s different about this class?


  • A select, intimate group of high level singers (no more than 5):

There is a short application process for the workshop. This is to ensure the right blend of singers who are dedicated to creating their own harmony projects. All participants must be comfortable with matching pitch, singing a melody on their own without accompaniment, and have some knowledge of the major scale.


  • Project-based curriculum:

Our class time will be focused on individual harmony projects chosen by you, the participant. This could be a recording with existing harmony that you’d like to transcribe or a song for which you’d like to create. Each session will begin with an interactive presentation of a concept and strategy for creating harmony. The rest of our time will be set aside for each participant (you) to workshop and receive feedback on their individual harmony projects. Each session will close with a guided group improvisation which will provide an informal and playful space to practice creating new harmonies.


This class will culminate in a performance showcase of the projects we have created.