Sing in Harmony (Winter 2020) NEW DEADL

Do you wish you could add that extra layer of harmony? Do you want to have more confidence when singing in a group setting? Join us as we explore singing together in two and three part harmony. This class will give you the tools to create your own harmonies by ear. The series will culminate with an informal group sing event 


You will learn:

  • How to identify 4 different types of harmonic movement

  • How to create your own harmony on the spot 

  • The basics of the major scale and diatonic harmony 

  • Strategies for active listening and singing with others

  • Tips for vocal health 

 “Sonia’s brilliantly simple technique demystifies harmony singing. Right away, we were singing and building on simple harmonies. I felt supported and at ease throughout each class. I didn't feel 

self-conscious-- I just had fun! If you are musical and have ever thought about doing something just for yourself, I highly recommend this class." -Jill M.