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Private online voice lessons are an opportunity for singers to experiment and grow in their vocal abilities in a supportive, knowledgeable environment so they can find the voice they’ve always dreamed of. 


My approach to voice lessons is rooted in a comprehensive knowledge of the anatomy of the throat and the way the body works. My goal is to help you sing freely and efficiently across your vocal range in order to find your most natural sound and sing music in the styles you love: jazz, pop, rock, music theater, r&b, folk, and classical.  

 What’s a typical voice lesson like? 


A typical voice lesson starts with 30 minutes of functional vocal exercises that help you develop techniques to sing freely and efficiently across your vocal range (chest, mix, head).


The remainder of the lesson is focused on your specific artistic needs and goals. This includes achieving technical success in singing a song, learning to “pick out a tune” by ear, preparing for an audition or performance, or developing musical skills like songwriting, improvisation and music reading.   


 Do you offer coaching-only sessions for auditions, performances or open mics? 


Yes! I’m happy to offer my expertise on the material you are preparing for a performance. In coaching sessions we have a short warm-up and spend most of our time on the repertoire itself. I have successfully coached students for auditions to performing arts high schools, colleges, choral and music theater productions, as well as live solo performances, and vocal competitions.


Like any physical activity, the best way to prepare for a singing performance is to develop a healthy and sustainable technique with regular practice over a period of time so that you can feel confident in your technical ability to sing your chosen piece of music. Coachings are most successful when you are confident in how you’re singing your piece and would like help with adding the finishing touches to your performance.


 What kinds of singers work with you? 


I work with a broad range of singers from professional musicians looking to improve their craft to those who want to develop their vocal ability and have more singing in their daily life, or those who may even be afraid to sing! This diversity of singers is one of the reasons that I love my job and it is my goal to help each singer that comes in find their own unique voice.  


 What ages do you teach? 


I generally work with students ages 12 and up. I make exceptions for younger children who are working singers and actors and are preparing for performances and auditions (including performing arts middle school auditions). Otherwise, I believe that developmentally and educationally, younger children are best off studying basic music skills like piano or music reading/theory and graduate to singing when both their physical bodies and attention spans are more developed.


 How frequently do you recommend that I come in for sessions? 


Frequency of sessions is up to you! I encourage you to choose a pace that allows you to best take advantage of what you’re learning in the lessons. Like any physical activity, regular sessions with consistent practice provide the most efficient growth.


Whatever frequency you choose- weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or even quarterly- I recommend coming in regular intervals. Consistency and regular, focused practice will lead to the most efficient growth.

What do I need for a virtual session? 

You will need a good wifi connection and a space in which you have privacy and feel comfortable making sound with your voice. If possible, I also recommend using a laptop or desktop computer instead of a phone or tablet. 


 Do you offer joint-sessions? 


No, I do not offer joint-sessions as I find that each singer comes with a different instrument, different vocal abilities and goals for singing. For this reason, I find it is most successful when we work on developing the voice in private sessions.


I do offer coaching sessions for your singing group or your band’s vocal harmony parts. A coaching focuses on the artistic and musical aspects of what we already sing rather than the technical aspects of how to sing.


For adults who are interested in learning in a group setting or in more opportunities to participate in singing, I offer several performance workshops, singing classes and open mic sessions throughout the year.

 Do you offer packages? 

Yes-- Please click HERE for details.


 I’m having vocal problems. Should I come in for a session? 

Yes! I’m happy to assess your voice and see if I can help. Many vocal difficulties can be relieved through the functional singing exercises we practice in lessons. More serious problems may need medical intervention. If the problem needs further evaluation by a medical professional, I can refer you to a specific otolaryngologist (throat doctor) or speech and language pathologist in your area.


 What if I’m not sure this is right for me? 


Give it a try and see if it’s a good fit for you!


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